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Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brake 556 (Garage Sale Item)

Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brake 556 (Garage Sale Item)

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Surefire MB556 muzzle brake / SOCOM suppressor adapter

Used, no washers



Welcome to the Garage Sale!

We test a lot of gear at The Project. We acquire gear to review, evaluate and write about in our manuals, and just to try out for The Project to see if it works for the community. 

The only issue is it piles up over time, and we just don't need to have duplicates or duplicate function. The gear and items in the garage sale is all good to go, we simply just don't need it hanging around!

We are passing along some great deals and it helps us by clearing it off our books. The caveat is these items are sold as-is, without warranty, and are 100 percent non returnable final sale. Treat this as you would Ms. Dilly's garage sale down the street, you aren't gonna go back in a month and tell her you no longer want the item, that just isnt good garage sale etiquette!

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