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Toaks Outdoor Inc

Toaks Titanium Three Piece Cutlery Set SLV-02

Toaks Titanium Three Piece Cutlery Set SLV-02

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Weighing at 1.7 oz (49 gram), this set is light enough for any journey, durable enough for a lifetime. Made of pure titanium - light, strong, non-rusting and healthy to human body, all three utensils' heads feature a mirror polish, the rest a matte-finish for secure grip. Once you're done, pack them together with your complementary carabiner, and get going!

TOAKS products do not have any coating.

Spoon: 6 5/8" (168mm)  Fork: 6 5/8" (168mm)  Knife: 7 1/8" (182mm)

Pro Citizen Project Team Notes:

A great lightweight set when you just need a bit of civilized dining. These aren't for the freeze dried gram counter, grab a long handled Ti spoon and drive on. But if you are doing some real meal prep these are the perfect combo. 

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