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The Professional Citizen Project

AR Pattern Rifle and Carbine Manual CM-3

AR Pattern Rifle and Carbine Manual CM-3

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Citizen Manual 3 (CM-3), AR Pattern Rifle and Carbine

The audience for this series of references is the Pro Citizen with a commitment to excellence, one who needs a framework and relevant information to help prepare and train. CM-3 is the starting point for most AR owners as it contains overarching concepts and basic technical skills that are the bedrock to build on. Mastering the tasks in CM-3 builds a foundation for you to continue to develop and train more complex skillsets or can assist in sharpening your skills as an AR owner. Understand that this manual is just a starting point that provides some of the necessary foundational competences to build upon with the skills and tasks contained in the other Professional Citizen series manuals and guides.

CM-3 covers myths about the AR that we have all heard but maybe weren't sure if they were valid, zeroing procedures, positional shooting, ballistics, maintenance and cleaning just to list a few of the subjects.

Over 200 pages of easy to use, relevant AR technical information in a 5.5 x 8.5 inch package; the perfect ruck, cargo pocket, or bookshelf size. Black and white, includes graphs, images.
Unit / organization buys of 25 or more books please contact for bulk pricing, we will be glad to assist!


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