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The Professional Citizen Project

ACE Manual (Adverse Conditions and Environments) CM-9

ACE Manual (Adverse Conditions and Environments) CM-9

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Citizen Manual 9 (CM-9) surviving in Adverse Conditions and Environments (ACE) by Jay Pallardy.

The ACE was written for the novice focused on foundational skills that we all should have. Fire starting, survival basics, shelter, and many other related topics. 

The CM-9 is written by Jay Pallardy, author and the creator of The Modern Minuteman on YouTube and The Real Modern Minuteman on IG

Jason Pallardy is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for sharing his experiences with others to inspire and encourage them to go seek outdoor adventures for themselves.

He has spent 3 decades climbing, paddling, skiing, and backpacking across America with notable adventures across the American West and in New England. During these years he worked as a guide and instructor, product tester, outdoor consultant, and in outdoor retail. His experience during those years lead to him being a strong and outspoken advocate for learning outdoor skills, personal preparedness, and experiencing positive personal growth.

Upon graduating from high school, Jason went on an extended backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountains, and it changed the course of his life. The immersion in the outdoors was akin to a church-like experience for him that led to perfecting his craft in the mountains. This experience led to adventures that most people don’t get to experience in a lifetime. Realizing this made him realize the importance of encouraging others to go out and explore. To immerse themselves in the experience which ultimately carries over into everyday life.

Today, Jason has been focused on sharing his experiences with others while being encouraged by his wonderful wife of 20+ years, two children, and his close-knit circle of friends. It was his wife who had planted the seed to write about his experiences years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that an opportunity presented itself that brought his writing to life.  

When Jason isn’t busy with the demands of everyday life, you will find him at his Bush Camp tucked back in the woods where he finds peace, solitude, and inspiration all the while continuing to master his craft as only an outdoorsman can, through getting out in the field and putting in the work.


The CM-9 ACE is 219 pages of easy to use, survival and technical information in a 5.5 x 8.5 inch package; the perfect ruck, cargo pocket, or bookshelf size. Black and white, includes graphs, images and outdoor techniques and professional level knowledge for the backcountry.

Unit / organization buys of 25 or more books please contact for bulk pricing, we will be glad to assist!


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