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Toaks Outdoor Inc

Toaks Titanium Long Handled Spoon with Polished Bowl

Toaks Titanium Long Handled Spoon with Polished Bowl

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Titanium is light, strong, non-rusting and healthier to human body than any other metal. Weighing at 0.65 oz (19 g), this pure titanium long handle spoon is light enough for any journey, durable enough for a lifetime.

This could be the only cutlery you'll need to bring. Its long handle creates enough distance to cook comfortably and reach deep into freeze-dried food bags, its luxuriously smooth head is from any irritating roughness. From prepping your meal to eating it, this spoon fulfills every practical function on the trail.
TOAKS products do not have any coating.

Length: 8 5/8" (220mm)

Weight: 0.65 oz (19g)

Pro Citizen Project Team Notes:

The long handle spoon is outstanding for reaching the deep recesses of those freeze dried meal pouches. Toaks got this spoon right with the polished bowl. Some folks dont mind the slight texture of the standard Ti spoons, it is tolerable for me but I really prefer this polished one. I have used these for years, they used to come with the orange bag but don't expect one anymore, they no longer come with one. What can ya do. 

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