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The Professional Citizen Project

Individual Tactical Skills Manual CM-1

Individual Tactical Skills Manual CM-1

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Citizen Manual 1 (CM-1), Individual Tactical Skills

The audience for this series of references is the Pro Citizen with a commitment to excellence, one who needs a framework and relevant information to help prepare and train. CM-1 is the starting point for most as it contains overarching concepts and basic tactical and technical skills that are the bedrock to build on. Mastering the tasks in CM-1 builds a foundation for you to continue to develop and train more complex skillsets or can assist in sharpening your approach as a seasoned tactician or prepper. Understand that this manual is just a starting point that provides some of the necessary foundational competences to build upon with the skills and tasks contained in the other Professional Citizen series manuals and guides.

CM-1 covers the basics; it includes proven tactical and technical skills including the contextual fundamentals of shooting, moving dismounted alone and in a tactical formation, communicating, and surviving in a modern unconventional kinetic environment. Approaches to training, gear selection, firearm selection, land navigation, terrain analysis, and foundational survival concepts and principles are all included in the CM-1. 

Jack Morris is a former US Army light Infantry Scout, maneuver and reconnaissance trainer, and leader development expert. Jack has led small recon teams, squads, platoons, and companies. He is an experienced doctrine writer (leadership and maneuver warfare) and has years of accumulated time at maneuver battalions, brigades, and heavy divisions as an operations officer. Jack is instrumental to the development of the Pro Citizen series of manuals and is leading the team's efforts to build and publish the Pro Citizen series references. 

235 pages of easy to use, relevant tactical and technical information in a 5.5 x 8.5 inch package; the perfect ruck, cargo pocket, or bookshelf size. Black and white, includes graphs, images and select report formats 

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