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TPC Gear Basic Fire Kit

TPC Gear Basic Fire Kit

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Mini Ferro Rod
The ferro rod in this kit goes well with the bellows as a pocket or in a get home bag for your vehicle, just big enough for contingency use. While it is not tiny by any means, it is a smaller rod so it carries nice and light and with low volume. The attached striker comes in handy if you don't have a ferro-capable knife on you.

4.5 inches overall, 2.75 inches approx. (exposed length)
3/8 diameter
1.8 oz (47 grams) weight


Pocket sized bellows are an efficient way to get oxygen into the base of a struggling fire. Much more efficient and won't give you the “I see sparkles” effect as your brain shuts down from blowing at the flames or the eyebrow removal effect. Just don't inhale back through the bellows. Seems odd to have to mention this, but there are warning labels that tell folks not to put their heads under a running lawn mower... so it must be stated.

An easy addition to your fire kit, they are small and light to carry.

The pocket sized bellows fits perfectly into your fire kit, pack, or any other bag and can be used to start a fire under difficult wet conditions (or dry conditions!) as well as at home for fireplaces, woodstoves, fire pits, etc.  

Stainless steel, comes with a small outer case that will help protect it in your gear. Cap color of the case may vary but it will be black, orange, or red (no choice).

Compare these to the other ones on the market for double the cost, as always we are here to assist the community with getting what you need for the best price and quality. 


Pro Citizen Project Team Notes:

A solid starter combo, an inexpensive way to add more capability to a bag or truck kit. The striker is handier than what we thought it would be, with a lot of us carrying knives that may not throw sparks it can become a "doggone it" moment when you are out in the woods and pull out your knife that doesn't work with a ferro. As far as the bellows, just take care of them, they will bend and/or get crushed. As with any piece of gear just treat them properly and they will last a long time. Grit, dirt, careless collapsing and bending will do them in. 

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