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The Professional Citizen Project

Teenage Prepper Manual CM-4

Teenage Prepper Manual CM-4

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Citizen Manual 4 (CM-4), Teenage Prepper

This manual is written for young adults (or older adults new to prepping) who have an interest in prepping and sharpening their self-reliance skills. It is also highly valuable and applicable to newer adult preppers to help learn some of the foundational prepping skills. Parents can also use this manual to teach and mentor their teens. The CM-4 is a mix of general preparedness information, situational awareness, crime prevention, and self-reliance content. We discuss common day-to-day threats as well as the less likely national level doomsday crisis.

This book is not your typical wilderness survival manual or the “how to survive a bear attack” outdoor skills guide. It does not focus on less likely scenarios that would require carrying around gold coins or rebuilding society after a collapse; we wrote this in the context of real teenager lives and actual circumstances to help you prepare for higher probability crisis events.

This manual is written jointly by Cody Morris (an 18 year-old high school senior) assisted and guided by his dad Jack Morris (CM-1 and CM-2 author and leader of The Professional Citizen Project team) to provide you with a relevant and accurate teen and young adult perspective on prepping. 

Over 200 pages of easy to use, relevant prepping information in a 5.5 x 8.5 inch package; the perfect ruck, cargo pocket, or bookshelf size. Full color photos and diagrams, includes graphs, images and checklists! 

Unit / organization buys of 25 or more books please contact for bulk pricing, we will be glad to assist!


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