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Toaks Titanium 1300ml Pot with Bail Handle POT-1300-BH

Toaks Titanium 1300ml Pot with Bail Handle POT-1300-BH

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Beyond the classic's nesting capabilities, this edition of our 1300 mL pot allows you to cook over open flame. Simply pour your food in, sling your pot on a rack, and light your fire! Our 1300 ml pots with bail handle are made of pure titanium, weighs only 5 oz (141g) , extremely resistant to corrosion and any physical strain. Along with a detachable bail handle, your pot comes equipped with a lockable-handled lid, gradations in oz and ml, and a mesh storage sack for your convenience.
The 1300 mL titanium pot is perfect for two light eaters on a backpacking trip. It can nest with 450 ml cup, 900 ml D115mm pot and more below. Pack it all into the 1300, zip up your complementary sack, and you're good to go!

Weight: 5 oz (141g) 

Capacity: 44oz (1300ml) (measured to the top of pot)

Pot: 5 1/8" (130mm) (Dia) x 3 7/8" (100mm) (H) 
Profile: 6" (152mm) (Dia) X 3 7/8" (102mm) (H) (with handles folded and bail handle on)
            5 3/4" (145mm) (Dia) X 3 7/8" (102mm) (H) (with handles folded and bail handle removed)
TOAKS products do not have any coating.

1300ml pot with bail handle can be nested with:
Fit inside: CUP-375, CUP-450, POT-550-L, POT-650-L, POT-700-D115-L, or POT-900-D115
Fit outside: POT-1600, POT-1600-BH, CKW-1600


Pro Citizen Project Team Field Experience Notes:

The 1300ml size is large, definitely a team / shared kinda thing. Unless you are just a chow hound and need the big one all to yourself.  It will support a couple of people in the field. Two (or three depending on the meal) freeze dried meals can be processed off one boil/one pot. 

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