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Toaks Titanium 900ml Pot POT-900-D115

Toaks Titanium 900ml Pot POT-900-D115

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Our 900ml pots are made of pure titanium, extremely resistant to corrosion and any physical strain, weigh only 4.1 oz (116 g). Your 900 ml comes with our signature lockable-handled lid for your easy, safe handling, gradations in oz and ml, and a mesh storage sack.
The 900ml D115mm titanium pot can contain your most crucial camping equipment, including a 200g gas canister, or our 550ml pot, and 375 ml cup (more below). Pack it all into the 900ml, zip up your complementary sack, and you're good to go!

Weight: Pot only: 3.2 oz (92g)   Pot with Lid: 4.1 oz (116g)

Capacity: 30 oz (900ml) (to the very top or rim)

Dimensions: 4 1/2" (115mm) (Dia) x 3 5/8" (92mm) (H)
TOAKS products do not have any coating.

900ml D115 pot can be nested with:
Fit inside: CUP-375, CUP-450, POT-550-L, BWL-103, TOAKS small wood burning stove STV-12
Fit outside: POT-1300, POT-1300-BH, CKW-1300, POT-1600, POT-1600-BH, CKW-1600, BWL-550-D118
Fit other containers: 200g gas canister


Pro Citizen Project Team Field Experience Notes:

The 900ml size is right in the middle between the cup/pot and the full on cooking pot.  Two (depending on the meal) freeze dried meals can be processed off one boil/one pot. 

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