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Pro Citizen Project

TPC Gear Scout Bands

TPC Gear Scout Bands

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TPC Gear Scout Bands

Pack of Seven (7) TPC Gear Scout Bands, 2.5 inch x .5 inch (relaxed size) 

UV-resistant, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant. They can be used as tinder, can be lit quickly in wet weather and used in extreme temperatures.

This size fits perfectly on the Toaks 550 and 650 Titanium cups, our folding Scout Stove, and when doubled they will stay put on your lighter. 

Other items such as stoves, knives, cookware etc pictured are not included. You already knew that, but we have to say it anyway.  

Pro Citizen Project Team Notes:

A good addition to a go bag or your kit. The Scout Bands are always needed, we have found that this size is about as universal as it gets, they are just the right size for most applications. They will fit the Scout Stove, sling keepers, most knife sheaths, and work great for the 550ml and 650 Toaks cups to secure the lid. 

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